Meet The Team

Tim - Flight Operations

B757 Training Manager

I joined the Company way back in 2000. That was when we were Channel Express and I joined as a First Officer on the F27 based in Bournemouth. When the Company acquired the first two B737 aircraft in 2001, I transferred fleets and moved to Stansted. Shortly after this time was launched and I changed base again to fly out of Leeds Bradford International Airport where I have been ever since. I gained my Command in 2004 and by 2005 I became a Line Training Captain. Following transferring Fleets to the B757 in 2006, I was lucky to be selected for a Type Rating Instructor qualification and shortly after this a Type Rating Examiner. In 2011 the position of B757 Training Manager was advertised and I felt this to be my natural progression.

Working within the Flight Operations Team, my role is to ensure that the standard of all pilots and instructors on the B757 Fleet are maintained in accordance with Company and regulatory legislation. As the position suggests, I am involved in co-ordinating the required training for all B757 pilots and instructors, be it new joiners to the business or Senior Training Captains. Naturally, I assist in recruitment and evaluation of new pilots.

No two days are ever the same. For example, in a short period of time, my duties have ranged from operating a flight to Newark, New Jersey, to examining in the simulator and working in Low Fare Finder House arranging training courses. The list goes on!

I am proud to be associated with the Flight Operations Team. The business is expanding exponentially and offers excellent opportunities for those who want to progress!

Micki - Cabin Services

GM - Cabin Services

I joined as Cabin Services Manager in February 2001, when the Company was operating as Channel Express and based at Bournemouth. I continued to head up Cabin Crew Operations when started flying out of Leeds in 2003, and relocated here in 2007.

In Summer 2015 we will operate with 900 Cabin Crew. I oversee the recruitment, training and the management of all our colleagues across 8 Bases. While I am based at Low Fare Finder House, Leeds Bradford International Airport, I also travel to all the bases regularly to keep in touch with the Cabin Crew Base Managers there, and stay up to date with local operations. From time to time I also fly as an operational Cabin Crew member; this keeps me up to date with the challenges and successes that the Crew have on board.

Having been with the Company since our inaugural passenger flight back in 2001, I feel very honoured to have played an integral part in the continued development of Our unique, award winning Cabin Services sets us apart from our competitors and I am passionate about ensuring that our Cabin Crew maintain their capability and motivation to deliver a great customer experience. 's working environment is fast-paced and provides constant challenges. No day is ever the same and you have to be ready to handle anything that comes your way on the day. It's a very exciting and rewarding Company that is constantly looking to the future and always striving to be ahead of the competition.

Jorge - Ground Operations

Station Manager Alicante

In 2007 I joined as a Supervisor Agent, before advancing to Duty Manager in 2008, and then becoming Station Manger in 2010.

My responsibilities include managing and motivating my Team, finding cost effective solutions, efficient staff rostering, operational planning, monitoring security procedures and making quick tight deadline decisions, all whilst providing excellent customer service. It is a full-on role and I enjoy the challenges I face every day.

I revel in the working environment, and appreciate the atmosphere of the Airport and the atmosphere that the customer creates. I take pleasure in ensuring our customers get to and from the aircraft safely, and seeing that they are happy to be enjoying their holidays.

Marcus - Engineering

Hangar Crew Chief

As Hangar Crew Chief, my main role is to co-ordinate the maintenance of our aircraft coming into the Hangar at Leeds.I am responsible for the allocation of manpower to ensure that maintenance is carried out safely and efficiently to the highest standard possible. We have many departments that help us achieve these high standards, and one of my roles is to ensure the correct information is passed on to the Teams on the shop floor.

There is always variety in this role, and I have been to some wonderful places including Budapest, Toulouse and Montpellier.I enjoy the responsibility I am entrusted with, and admire the Company's willingness to invest in people.It really has helped me realise my potential and I aim to carry on this path.

Working in the Hangar at Leeds has a really good vibe, we work hard and it's always busy but we never fail to see the humor in everything. We do work long shifts, including nights, but we all muck in, help each other out and get the job done.

Before I came to Jet2.comI worked as a Mechanic for FLS Aerospace in Manchester. The majority of my work involved the Aircraft interiors, which gave me a strong appreciation of how important the high standards of appearance are for the customers flying on our aircraft.

Dave - Safety, Compliance & Assurance

Safety, Compliance & Assurance - Safety and Quality Systems Supervisor

Since I have been at I have received training that has allowed me to really advance my career. I initially joined as an Engineering Administrator in July 2010 but, with the help of the training I received I was promoted to Safety, Compliance and Assurance Systems Supervisor in July 2012.

As the Safety and Quality Systems Supervisor my role is to maintain the flow and integrity of Safety and Quality data that we require to help with continuous improvement throughout I help our colleagues with the day to day use of the Safety and Quality system and train them in the relevant use for their specific area of the business. I also help to conduct and manage any upgrades or fixes required to the system in order to improve, revamp or simply resolve glitches. As part of my role I also coordinate the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program on behalf of which involves collating and responding to 3rd party aircraft inspections. Every day brings a new challenge and keeps me on my toes.

I get to deal with a huge variety of colleagues, ranging from new starters to long serving colleagues. I love this interaction as the great range of Teams and people I meet add variety to my role.

Over the last four years I have been proud to work for a Company that is constantly growing, learning and achieving. Knowing that I have contributed to this continued success is a real privilege.

Most importantly of all I look forward to coming into work each and every day and that is a rare thing to have in any job.

Dyson - In-flight Retail

In-flight Retail Trainer

I joined at the very beginning as Cabin Crew based at Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA) in 2003. I have done various roles since then including Performance Trainer, based at Edinburgh Airport for 4 years and then Base Coordinator when I moved back to LBA in 2009. In 2012 I was promoted into my current position as In-flight Retail Trainer.

My role involves training all our Cabin Crew in Customer Care, Onboard Service and Sales. I work jointly with my Co-Trainer to manage the New Entrant training and the Recurrent training for all our Cabin Crew. We are responsible for working with the Base Management Teams and Cabin Services to drive and support retail performance and in-flight retail revenue for the business. This involves analysing and setting targets for our Cabin Crew Commission structure and inventing and delivering exciting sales driven incentives to promote performance and standards onboard. We work closely with our Crew to ensure that we maintain our award winning service delivery and customer care.

My role is very creative, challenging and I love working for a successful Company who have worked really hard to get to where they are today. I enjoy the fact that my job is so varied. Every day is different. Working from a variety of locations, including the Head Office at LBA and our new modern Leeds City Centre offices, I get to work with lots of different colleagues and our customers as I am involved in completing flights from my bases at LBA, Newcastle and Scotland.

To have been involved in the business from day one gives me a great deal of pride and satisfaction. My colleagues at really care about the business and it shows in the way they treat the customer and each other.

Binni - IT

Test Team Leader - IT & Business Systems

I joined in August 2011 as a Test Team Leader. In my role I work on new IT enhancements or new IT systems required by the Company. My Team and I test the developments and ensure they are built to the quality standard that the Company requires. This involves liaising closely with my Team, the Developers and the Company itself.

Leading an excellent Test Team gives me great satisfaction. The Team I work with are great in supporting one another and working together to achieve the same end goal. Each development task provides different challenges that keep my role exciting and very rewarding.

In addition, I feel the office environment is quite simply the best I have experienced. There is plenty of humor and we treat each other equally regardless of status. Everyone is very down to earth and real.

Chris - Customer Contact

Customer Service Manager

I came to as a Customer Service Supervisor and was promoted 2.5 years ago to Customer Service Manager.

I am responsible for the combined Customer Service Team for and Jet2holidays. We get a very low percentage of complaints compared with the number of customers who travel with us but occasionally, when things do go wrong it is our job to put it right and make sure that the customer wants to travel and go on holiday with us time and time again.

I am supported by three Team Leaders who each have a team of Customer Service Advisors and Administrators. We are always looking to improve and constantly review our policies and procedures to make sure we are offering the best service we can to our customers. We use the feedback we get from our customers to report back to the business to resolve any consistent issues that are highlighted.

I have a great Team of people in Customer Service and enjoy that no two days are the same. My Team has grown significantly in line with the business and it has been a really exciting time over the last few years working for a fast paced, exciting and growing company. Colleagues at and Jet2holidays really make the difference and even though it is now such a large business it hasn't lost the small Company, friendly feel.

Debbie - Operations

Travel Services Manager

I joined the Company initially on a temporary contract working in Manchester. Within 6 months I was offered a full time position as a Crewing Controller and a year later I was promoted to Crewing Supervisor. In July 2013 I was promoted to Travel Services Manager.

Having worked in aviation for the past 23 years I really feel at home working for The Company is very much a people Company and has a really good future ahead of it. There are always opportunities for progression.

I manage a team of 8 Travel Service colleagues who oversee the Travel Service and Business Travel requirements for all Air Crew and colleagues. We ensure that all Hotel and Transport arrangements have been managed and booked in line with our cost conscious approach.

My role as Travel Service Manager is great as I thrive working in the Operations environment and love to meet different people which I get plenty of opportunity to do with all the potential business clients and internal colleagues I liaise with. Each day is different and presents a new challenge which keeps the work varied and exciting.

Sam - Finance

Accounts Payable Manager

I came to in August 2011 and now manage a team of 3 Team Leaders and over 20 team members within the Accounts Payable Team. We manage timely payments of supplier invoices and colleague expenses across Dart Group, and Jet2holidays. We are actively and constantly driving efficiency and automation within the Team to ensure we can meet supplier payment terms and provide a best in class AP service.

There are many facets I enjoy about my job; the role, the people, the culture, I love being here! When I first joined the Company I felt part of the team immediately, which is a testament to the great people working here who made me feel welcome instantly. Every day brings a new challenge which can be hard as it takes a lot of passion to be constantly managing change, but I love it! There are countless colleagues that are amazing and keep the constant evolution of this great business moving in the right direction. It is a pleasure to work alongside such a dedicated and fantastic Team. I can't imagine ever having a job in the future that I would find so exciting or stimulating.

Christine - Administration and Facilities

Administration and Facilities Manager

I have been with since July 2011 and currently hold the role of Administration and Facilities Manager. Within this Team we provide support across the business to all our colleagues at our UK and Overseas bases. We are responsible for a lot of different activities across the business. To name but a few we supply uniforms across the business and approve their expenses, supply and manage all the office equipment, issue credit cards, mobile phones and stationery, purchase all the IT equipment, ensure the property rents, rates and utilities are paid, purchase all stationery and furniture as well as providing the tea bags and coffee for everyone's cuppa!

At our Leeds based offices, Low Fare Finder House and The Mint, we maintain the buildings and facilities services, ensuring that contracts are in place to keep colleagues safe and our offices operational and pleasant to work in.We answer the phones, issue security passes, receive visitors, frank the post and even plan office moves! If it needs doing, we do it!

With the variety and breadth of tasks involved, there is always a challenge and a project on the go. Supporting 900 office based colleagues keeps us on our toes and ensures we are always busy. We are always looking for innovative ways of solving problems and saving money, without compromising service delivery. and Jet2holidays are highly successful and growing. It is a pleasure to work for a forward thinking Company that values and encourages contributions from its workforce. The people here are great, very helpful and there really is a true 'One Team' feeling throughout the whole Company.

Andrea - Overseas Contracting

Overseas Contracting - Contracts Manager

I joined Jet2holidays as a Contracts Manager in September 2009 after having experience within the Travel Industry for over 17 years. In my role as Contracts Manager for Jet2holidays I am responsible for looking at hotels and making sure they are at the standard and safety level we expect and want for our Jet2holidays customers. I liaise with hotel owners and overseas agents, discuss how many rooms we can sell, and negotiate the prices and terms we pay for these rooms.

Seeing our customers creating memories on holiday in the great new hotels we have introduced, as well as talking to hotel owners and overseas agents, is what makes my role so exciting.

The people I work with are brilliant with their positive attitude and integrity. It is fantastic to see the positive influence that Jet2holidays has on the industry.

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